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Welcome. We support early to midstage startups convert to the Blockchain

We provide a platform and expertise to those wishing to embrace blockchain technology to achieve transformational growth

About Us


“Distributed ledger technologies have disruptive potential …. to disrupt the whole economy, and society.”  UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Government Office for Science 2016 

You know this is true. We know this is true. Most people don't yet know how revolutionary this will be.  

We are a venture builder providing a platform and expertise to early and mid stage startups and companies seeking to exploit this world-changing technology. We are providing the blockchain infrastructure and enabling platform for motivated and ambitious teams who have a live product and an identified market segment to support the justification, design and build of their blockchain.  

We span industry sectors with companies who have realised that applying the blockchain can make their already great proposition many times more useful and valuable.  Our team and network ranges from expert advisors in startups and business, distributed ledger technology experts through to architects, designers and full stack coders.  

We are the smart platform for the new world of smart contracts.  Working together we can change everything. 


Together we have:

• analysed and evaluated over 1,000 startups  

• worked with more than 80 teams

• invested in over 50 startups

• created over 20 platforms

• joined the boards of 15 companies

• founded and launched 10 businesses

• started converting 4 business to the blockchain

The Team

Ron Argent

BlockChain Services Director. Ron is a seasoned IT professional and business owner, with over 40 years in the IT industry, covering sales, design and engineering. He has worked with many of the largest companies in the world. Recently he has focussed on helping start-ups take an enterprise view of application design early in their program cycle enabling their applications to be scalable and highly secure. Ron has spent the last few years building an expert team and service provider delivering Blockchain solutions to startups including the award winning Plastic bank.

Daniel Doll-Steinberg

Chief Executive Officer. A former banker in London and New York, Daniel is a founder / co-founder of several companies, two of which are global, spanning content and retail technology, engagement and mobile marketing solutions, and entertainment media services.  He leads a team designing and building blockchain solutions for content and finance services, and is an active investor in and mentor to technology and marketing companies. 

Anish Mohammed

Chief Science Officer. Anish has been working in security and cryptography for 15 years, as a researcher and consultant. His first brush with payments systems was 15 years ago when he was involved in building a micropayments system for Ericsson. He has spent half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols. Most recently he has been involved in the Blockchain ecosystem as one of the founding members of UKDCA . He is on the advisory board for Adjoint, Arteia, Privacy Shell, Ripple Labs and Chain of Things and also advises EA Ventures, IEET and Hyperloop Transport Technologies.

Barrie Heptonstall

Venture Partner. Barrie has spent over 25 years working in senior management roles for a giant US-based technology company, and is an expert in enterprise sales. Barrie has spent the last 2 years working with teams delivering blockchain solutions, and has invested in over 30 startups in the UK, Europe and California.  

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